The New FTC Regulations & Product Girl

As you may know, the FTC recently enacted regulations that require bloggers to disclose if they received payment for endorsement of a product. Even though the same standard is not held for print media, the FTC considers samples sent to a blogger by a PR company or a brand to be a form of payment. Because of this, Product Girl will be now be disclosing how a product mentioned in a review or post with product picks was obtained.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about this because I want all of you to know where Product Girl is coming from. I have never raved about a product on Product Girl that I did not like simply because I received it as a sample and I never will. The same applies to any contributors featured on Product Girl. That’s just not how we do things around here. I started blogging about the products I was buying and using before PR companies and manufacturers became involved with beauty blogging and will continue to if they decide to stop working with us.

With the disclosure of how a product is obtained, my biggest concern is that your faith in what it is we are saying about a product, is not affected. As I mentioned, we will not say something is good just because we received it as a sample. While we tend to focus on products we like and enjoy using, receiving a sample will not deter us from speaking honestly about a product. My hope is that how Product Girl obtained a product does not matter because in the end, we may disagree from time to time but we will always be honest with you.

To comply with the new regulations, we’ll be adding a footnote to each post explaining how the product was obtained (if at all, sometimes we blog about products we are simply wanting at the time). We’ll also be taking time to go through older posts to note this as well. If applicable, the post will be marked with the product being supplied as a sample from PR or the brand, supplied as a sample with a purchase, purchased with our own money or given as a gift.

You can find our disclosure policy here and if at any time you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me (email is best). I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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