From the Floor to the Blog

Nordstroms From The Floor Blog As someone who worked with blogs for a living, I always enjoy seeing the companies I support start a new blog. Today I noticed one from a store I love, Nordstroms. They have a new blog called From the Floor features fashion and beauty. You can even subscribe to the blog by the category of your choosing, that’s what I ended up doing. Best of all for me, is that it’s a TypePad powered blog. That always warms my heart. Go add this to your newsreader now!

One thought on “From the Floor to the Blog”

  1. thank you for the info! how exciting this is!
    and carla…i love you, the blog–and i loved the podcast–but i have to point it out to you because you always said it on the podcast and always print it: it’s nordstrom not nordstroms.
    nothing personal! i’ll continue to read the blog! 🙂 just thought you should know…

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