Fresh Imperial Bedroom Face Palette

Fresh Imperial Bedroom Face Palette

Since I am a cream product fiend, I’m just going to tell you about one more palette I am loving right now… Have you seen the Fresh Imperial Bedroom Face Palette? I picked it up a few weeks ago at Sephora and it was one of those times when from the moment I set eyes on it, I had to have it. It had me wondering why I never noticed this palette before.

When I read the name of this palette, I thought it was just perfect. When I see the shades in this palette, I think of candlelight and where is that appropriate? In the bedroom of course! If I were looking to enhance my come hither look (I don’t really have one but let’s pretend I do), this is the palette I’d reach for. This palette includes a cream Black Chemise Satin Line, a cream Gilded Satin Eye Luster, a cream Pale Moonlight Eye Luster, a cream Chantilly Lace Satin Luster and a Crown Rubies Lip Shine.

The products in the Fresh Imperial Bedroom Face palette are mostly sheer, the liner being the exception in this case. They give the face a great glow without appearing powdery or a chunky shimmer. The downside here is that the staying power is not great with the eye products. With my oily skin, the color is eaten up quickly but I haven’t tried them with a primer yet… that’s on my list of things to do. As highlighters (it is fine on the browbone) and lip color though, this palette works beautifully. Otherwise, you would need some touch-up time unless you only intend to the wear to last for a few hours. ;)

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