Don't Feel Like Washing Your Hair Today?

Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Wash and Wear Then don’t! Frederic Fekkai has a great, albeit limited edition product out, called Summer Hair Wash and Wear. It is touted as an “instant shampoo spray.” This stuff is great for getting that one or two extra days out of unwashed hair. I usually wash my hair at the most 2x per week and this product helps it last that one extra day. All you do is spray it all over your dry hair, focusing on the roots, style and go. Summer Hair smells like summer! It has a great coconut/pina coloda-ish smell that lasts for days. I am a fan of Bumble & Bumble’s hair powder as well, but this stuff works a bit better and doesn’t make your hair tacky like the hair powder can.

An important note: the first time i used the product, I just sprayed it in my hair and let it go. Well I had wet hair all day and was not impressed. I soon learned that you have to use a hair dryer to blow the stuff dry into your hair and style like you normally would, but it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes time. As an added bonus, Summer Hair has UV protectors that keep your hair healthy and shiny while in the sun. Oils, product buildup and pollutants are said to be gone.

3 thoughts on “Don't Feel Like Washing Your Hair Today?”

  1. I like everything you have to say about it EXCEPT the scent. I’m in financial services and I don’t need coworkers and clients telling me I smell like a pina colada. Why didn’t they just make it scent free? That’s much more practical.

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