Frederic Fekkai Salon Color: DIY Hair Color

So last Friday night I had a date with Frederic and it turned out lovely, a rich wonderful experience. I would love to say I’m the woman who can afford an appointment at a high end salon every couple months but it just wouldn’t be true. I have been doing most of my own dye jobs since unfortunately the age where I discovered “Sun In” … Yes ladies, you know what I’m talking about and you had that atrocious orange hair right along with me. It was the evil start of something beautiful. 🙂

I was not born with a beautiful hair color, and my grey mousey brown is always in need of more than a little enhancement. I have been using an array of professional color lines from the beauty supply but though I would give the Frederic Fekkai Salon Color line at Sephora a chance even though it was a box kit which I usually avoid.


The kit comes with a decent quality mixing brush and bowl, so you don’t have to ruin any of your dishes…I liked this a lot. Next you get a pre-color treatment that helps prevent uneven color which I thought was a nice step you never see in a box kit. Now came the color and developer, I thought they mixed well and became thick enough that they were not messy or any messier that other dyes I’ve used. And lastly I applied the conditioner. Now the important part…the color, the product came in a box with a lovely woman on the front with the color I figured would soon be mine know as Jennifer 4 (dark brown).

So did I rinse and become the beautiful model Jennifer 4 on the box? No, but I looked pretty damn good after a blowout and a well applied makeup application. Jennifer 4 Dark Brown looked rich and luscious on the box but I was a little shocked as my dark brown came across more like light black to me. It took me a few days to get use to it but I ended up really liking the color and as it faded a little bit it became a perfect even, rich color with a very pretty tone. For the record, seems that the brunettes shades lean on the darker side so that’s something to be aware of. Also, if you are looking for grey coverage this dye rocked. Would I use it again? Yes, I plan too.

Have you tried this Frederic Fekkai Salon Color? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Frederic Fekkai Salon Color: DIY Hair Color”

  1. Thanks for this!!! I will finally try it…I was nervous but really wanted too…
    I think I will go one shade lighter since you said it was dark…I have dark hair but always like it fresh and glossy! 🙂

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