Frederic Fekkai's Femme Fekkai Sensuelle


Have you ever thought of layering your fragrance by starting with your hair? Most of us start with body washes and body lotions but what about shampoo, conditioner and hairspray? Frederic Fekkai’s new Femme Fekkai Sensuelle limited edition line of products will change the way you wear fragrance.

This collection features the Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Shampoo, Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Conditioner, Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Hairspray and Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Eau de Parfum. Each product in the collection is fragranced with a blend of neroli, lemon leaf and orange bigarade top notes, mandarin, bergamot, jasmine and fleur d’oranger middle notes and base notes of musk, amber, honey, cumin, birch and carrot seed. The total blend is sensual and feminine, drying down to a warm musk.

The delicious fragrance aside, the hair care products also make hair feel amazing. At first, I was a little dismayed by shampoo and conditioner bottles, their pumps do not pump out a lot of product. Then I started using the products and realized that they do not need to. The shampoo is super rich so you only need a little at a time. With the conditioner, the consistency was a little surprising at first. It is a little on the thin side so I expected my hair to need a little product but the conditioner was enough. When I dry my hair, it feels perfectly silky and smooth without adding other products to it. I have the silk extracts in the products to thank for that.

The cherry on top of this collection is the beautiful Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Eau de Parfum. Naturally, it wears differently on the skin but I am loving the orange blossom with this winter weather we’re experiencing, it’s refreshing!

Disclosure: a product sample was received for this review.

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