My Quest for Big Hair: Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Hairspray

I’m blessed (or cursed) with stick straight hair. And lots of it, which means I struggle with a weighed down mane. I crave big hair in a big way ladies. But no matter what I try, it always seems to fall flat. Sometimes I think me and voluminous hair just aren’t meant to be. But I don’t take well to defeat. I’m on a mission to find the perfect combination of products to help boost my roots.

Last week, Saks had an event where you could snag a Fekkai product gratis and I chose Frederic Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Spray. I do really love Fekkai’s Full Blown Volume Shampoo, so I was expecting big things with the spray. It’s a targeted hair spray that you use only on your roots. For desired results it’s best to blow it out. You can use it wet or dry. I did both, and then some. And you know what I ended up with? Flat hair that smelled amazing. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Even though the smell is really amazing.

I’d say this product does everything its supposed to except the lifting part. It’s weightless, not stiff or sticky but it just does nothing in terms of volume. So the quest for big hair continues. Until next time…

4 thoughts on “My Quest for Big Hair: Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Hairspray”

  1. Laurie, I feel your pain! I too like the Full Volume shampoo. Have you tried Living Proof Full Thickening Creme? A little dab will do ya and it gives volume. As far as a hairspray that gives volume, like you said the quest continues!

  2. Hey Cindy! I am actually trying the Living Proof now. I haven’t entirely made up my mind yet, but I do like it so far!

    I have the problem of always having “too clean” of hair but if I don’t wash it becomes grease central. Does that happen to you? Such a dillema!

  3. I stumbled Shielo’s Flexible Hair Spray during my vacation to New York City in a salon. I needed a hairspray while on that trip and held my breath as I paid $20 for the bottle. I am so happy I didn’t put it back on the shelf! I wish I bought online though cause its cheaper –

    This hairspray goes on light but holds so well. On a day when my hair is flat or not looking so good, I style it .. spray the front then lean a bit forward and slightly upside down to let the spray set. When I look back up in the mirror the spray holds the “lift” in a very natural way. I wish I’d had this spray years ago.

    It also fights humidity, and being from Tennessee .. humidity is a big hairday killer.

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