Faux False Lashes

As a woman, I feel like I am constantly faking things: fake nails, fake hair, fake perky boobs. Recently, I was accused by several people of wearing fake lashes – the horror! They couldn’t believe that my naturally limp, thin blonde lashes could possibly look as good as a set of falsies. Well, that’s probably because I have a secret weapon that allows me to create this illusion. Three essential products help me achieve the look: a lash curler, primer, and mascara.

Diorshow Mascara, Cils Booster Primer and Shu Uemura eyelash curler

First, I use the tried and true classic, Shu Uemura lash curler to lift my lashes up and grab every last hair. Next, I use my favorite lash primer, Lancome Cils Booster. It allows mascara to bind to the primer, not your lashes. This creates more volume, and permits less smudging. Over time, Cils Booster causes your natural lashes grow a little healthier, due to the conditioners within it, like vitamin E. Before the primer dries, I apply my favorite mascara, DiorShow in black. I have experimented with other versions of DiorShow (Waterproof, Blackout, and Unlimited) and I ultimately love the original. I apply a couple of coats of the DiorShow and am left with the most beautiful, “natural” faux false lashes.

4 thoughts on “Faux False Lashes”

  1. I really like Benefit’s badgal lash mascara. People have asked me too if my lashes were fake. It’s really clump free – sometimes I think that’s the key to making them look fake. Falsies don’t have clumps ladies!! I’ve been using badgal in black for awhile and I can’t find anything that matches the darkeness of the black. I want to try the badgal blue too…

  2. I have really thin lashes but when I tried Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash it made them look so much better. They stood out more and really plumped them up. Not many mascaras work on me but Benefit’s really suprised me.

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