DIY Hair Threading by Face Authority

I regularly attend Shecky’s “Beauty Night Out” in NYC. Its a great excuse to gather up your girlfriends, your checkbook, have some cocktails and shop. In terms of successful shopping, it can be a “hit or miss” but sometimes I am able to discover some of the best independent and upcoming companies.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

My most recent discovery is a self-threading tool called Epicare that I consider to be the best invention since sliced bread.

Manufactured by Face Authority, the Epicare tool is basically a lightweight spring with colored plastic handles. You twist the spring into a U shape and put near face, then rotate the ends with your fingers. Hair gets caught in the little springs and is pulled from the root.

The motion is very similar to an epilator, but in my experience, the Epicare did not pull or snag my skin like epilators do. The pain factor is similar to tweezing – areas of my face that were less sensitive and were used to tweezing felt fine, yet I winced in pain when I tried it on my peach-fuzzy cheeks. While the product is meant for facial hair, it certainly works anywhere you’d tweeze, like the navel, tops of feet and toes, etc.

Epicare is available in 7 colors for $16.99. Mine is pink – what color will you be buying?

6 thoughts on “DIY Hair Threading by Face Authority”

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Yes it comes with instructions, plus I believe there are some instructional videos on the Face Authority website. Its pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it!

  2. I got it and I love it! It works great plus it saves me money on threading I used to get in salons.

    Thanks for sharing, Christina!

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