Eyes, Lips and Face

Every now and then, a great web deal/coupon code comes along that has to be taken advantage of. One in particular came through for a makeup line that entailed getting every product for $.50. This included Brushes/Powder/You name it. The product line is called e.l.f. which stands for Eyes, Lip and Face. Almost everything on this site is $1.00 apiece! They are able to do this by having low overhead, minimal to no advertising (hence the reason I never knew about it) and minimal packaging. Insane I know. I proceeded to order and was pleasantly surprised. I must have ordered about 20 products – from lip gloss, to a slew of brushes to even faux eye lashes.

e.l.f. Night Out Look

They also have these really great-looking subscriber emails that show-case very professional and great makeup looks that I am tempted to buy and re-create. One I recently purchased, was for the “Night-Out” look. I received a face bronzer, lip gloss and eye shadow trio, for yes, $3.00. (Shipping costs more than the product(s) themselves!). For this smoky-eye look, the site tells you what products were used and how to use them. Its that simple. And for $1.00, you really can’t go wrong. The products I received for the look were all user-friendly, went on smoothly and enabled me to have fun without feeling bad.

Its really a great looking, easy to navigate site that has all the basics you need and then some. Obviously you don’t have high hopes for products that cost only $1.00, but I would recommend these for any incidentals you need, any new colors that you want to try and extra travel brushes that you would want to stock up on. After reading up a bit on the products, there is no animal testing and only natural ingredients are used as well.

So, basically, we can all experiment now with makeup without going broke.

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