Beauty VIP of the Week: Eye Brightening Pencils

You guys, I’m living for the eye brightening pencil this week. I’ve happily added another step into my morning beauty routine and find it is well worth the 10 seconds (each eye) that it takes. I’m in a rut, which I blame on winter. I look tired, even though I’m well-concealed and brightened, and eyeliner on my lower lash line seems to be weighing me down. A few swipes of an eye brightening pencil along the waterline is saving me.

I’ve been using three: ┬áTarte EmphasEYEs Inner Brightener, Too Faced Mineral Water Eye Brightener and┬áMAC Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20, but have really grown to rely on one.

L-R: Tarte, Too Faced, MAC

Too Faced’s version has a nice pink tone that is flattering and it also has a cooling effect which I like. MAC’s Chromographic is the thickest of the three and a good multi-tasker — to cover a blemish or redness. But, Tarte’s EmphasEYES takes the cake. The color is perfect on my waterline and the best part? It lasts ALL day. As I type this, I’m nine hours into wearing makeup and it is still on my waterline. It’s definitely my savior this week, and I’m convinced I need this always.

6 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: Eye Brightening Pencils”

  1. HI!
    Is the Tarte pencil available yet solo or is that one still on hold? I’ve been wanting that since it came out in the kit, but haven’t made the leap just yet….

  2. Hey there! It is available solo — on right now (haven’t seen in person yet though). There’s also a duo on QVC for $25 that looks like a great deal. I’m thinking of picking that up — this pencil is GOOD stuff.

    1. Karla, I’m able to sharpen it with a fat sharpener — I use the NARS one and it works great. It’s one of the adjustable ones — I just remove the rim on the bigger end. Other brands have similar ones — I’d recommend checking out Sephora!

  3. oh my gosh. thank you so much for this review..i was just wondering whether or not to buy the tarte rim brightener..and this definitely convinced me. thanks!

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