Blush Me Tender

Estee Lauder Tender Blush Sheer Stick With the weather warming up, I am strangely finding myself wanting to use blush and bronzing products more then ever before. I’ve been looking for something easy to use to I was happy to find that Estee Lauder’s Tender Blush Sheer Stick does exactly what I’m looking for. This product is a sheer creme blush in a pan stick format that’s as easy to apply as it looks. Just take the stick, apply it to the apply of your cheeks and blend… or apply anywhere else that you would like. This product is can be used on your entire face, even your eyes. I love that I can use this product without having to fuss with a brush, I can use one of my favorite applicators: my fingers. As the name suggests, the color is sheer so it’s hard to go overboard with this unless you really layer it on. I’m into the dewey, natural look lately and Copper and Pearl have been great allies in helping me keep with that look.

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  1. I’ve been really curious about this product, so I’m glad you wrote a review. It looks like the finish might be powder. Is it? Or does it finish off more like Tarte’s cheekstain?

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