A Tale of Two Glosses: Estee Lauder Pure Color

Yesterday I mentioned needing a sheer, slick gloss from time to time. Then there are times when you want something rich with pigment and fabulously glossy.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Estee Lauder has recently revamped their Pure Color gloss formulas and their packaging as well. This gloss is now in a sleek little vial. This formula is quite a bit thicker than the gloss I mentioned yesterday but in a good way… thicker means longer staying power. It also moisturizes your lips and with continued use, lips will be smoother and more supple than before. You can choose from Pure Color Gloss shades for some extra rich color on your lips or Pure Color Crystal Gloss shades for sheerer color with special crystal effects. The gloss also features that great Estee Lauder vanilla and fig signature scent, the one I fell in love with when I tried High Gloss. My favorite of the bunch is Cranberry, it’s a rich blue-red you can wear without lipstick.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Glosses: Estee Lauder Pure Color”

  1. Hi! Do you know more about Sonia Rykiel and her make up and skin care line? Just found out she is designing one and here in Sweden noboby knows very much about it.. Thanks!

  2. I heard a lot of comments about this one too… thinking about getting one myself.

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