A Delightful Fragrance

Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight Estee’ Lauder has long been a pioneer in women’s fragrance. Since the inception of the original Estee’ trademark, Youth Dew, the company has focused on creating signature scents for every woman. One of the most popular has been Pleasures, a fresh clean fragrance that evokes images of clean laundry hanging outside on a spring day. It’s gained something of a cult following and Estee Lauder has launched three additional perfumes based on the original Pleasures, among them Pleasures Delight.

Pleasures Delight
is a very womanly scent: sensual floral notes of freesia, heliotrope, white peony and lily blended with warm, musky base notes of caramel, vanilla and patchouli. I would recommend a few spritzes of Pleasures Delight for an evening out- to the theater, a late dinner, or drinks in a dark corner of a pub. It’s got that kind of mysterious, sexy feel to it.