I’m An Individualist

Esteelauder_individualist I have experimented a bit with different foundations and I tend to rotate them as well. Although, sometimes I prefer to wear something a bit sheerer than usual… like today, when the temperature will get as high as 94. Estee Lauder’s Individualist Natural Finish Makeup lives up to it’s name and gives me the natural finish that I’m looking for.

This foundation is really easy to work with, it’s even good to use with your fingers. I can just pat it on with my fingertips and away I go. It’s very light and spreads around like a dream, just a little of this can go a long way. I love that I can wear this and it doesn’t look like I have a lot on, it’s almost like this is what my skin should look like if I wasn’t wearing foundation. A girl can dream I guess.