My Favorite Little Green Bottle

What good is all the makeup in the world if you don’t feel good about the way your skin looks? I’ve been having a little trouble in the skin department lately and this product has helped me improve my skin’s appearance.

Estee Lauder Idealist Skin Refinisher Estee Lauder’s Idealist Skin Refinisher is now my favorite little green bottle. Just a few drops from this bottle and my skin feels smoother than any baby’s bottom and looks better to boot. It’s called a skin refinisher for a good reason, it really does transform the appearance of your skin. Right away, I began to notice that my much dreaded pores seemed to be diminishing in size.

If this was the only thing it did for me, I’d be happy but it’s not. The texture of my skin has improved as well, the dry patches I had have now vanished. Another aspect of using this product is how your skin feels to the touch, right after you apply it, it’s amazingly soft and smooth. It’s as though you just applied a primer to your skin. I skipped my moisturizer a few times and went with this solo, it made for a good base for my makeup. Even when I do use moisturizer, it just glides on to my skin. How can I not use something like this?

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