Working Double Time

I’ve mentioned before how my eyelids are like kryptonite for eyeshadow. When I tried Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowSticks, I was eager to see if this product would really last.

Estee Lauder Double Wear ShadowSticksThe good news is that yes, the product really is long lasting. To effectively gauge it’s lasting powder, I shared the product with a co-worker and we both put it to the test. We had good results, we both admired how smudge proof it seemed to be. Within minutes of swatching the eyeshadow sticks on our hands, we couldn’t get the color to budge. If that’s how it performed on my hand, I was eager to try it on my eyes! The first time around, the product didn’t last as long on my lids but when I added a little primer and tried it again, I had color well into the afternoon. As for my co-worker, she didn’t experience any creasing all. It’s was my kryptonite lids, I tell you. While it is smudge resistant after it dries, it does go on easily and blend well before drying. While I ordinarily love shimmer, I would love to see some new matte shades available in this product.

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  1. Kryptonite lids, here, too!
    I totally know what you mean, girl!
    For years I have dreamt about finding eye makeup that remains ABOVE my eye, instead of BELOW my eye, for the entire evening, let alone the next morning! LOL 🙂 It’s good to know I am not alone! A few months ago, a girlfriend gave me the best thing I have found so far, from a movie make up company in los angeles, called Aircraft. They make these amazing little packs of eye gloss that isn’t really an eye gloss, at all. It goes on like one but then dries to a solid color powder that won’t budge for hours! runway lites eye gloss. They can call it whatever they wan’t, if you ask me, I just love it. they come in collections of cool colors. I got the downtown collection which was grays and blues and silvers and purrple and i am totally an addict now! it’s pretty metallic, but not too sparkly or disco. :p plus you can go really subtle or layer it on. I got a sample pack of six purse size tubes which is great for touchups, but trust me, you won’t need to touch up that much! the first time I wore them, I totally goofed before the gloss dried and looked like a MUI felon (making up under the influence) 🙂 but i got the hang of it and now i swear, it was worth the learning curve. maybe they will work for you! you will need a heavy duty remover, too. i didn’t like using them with primer, they didn’t dry as fast, but i didn’t need it, anyway.
    my girlfriend got them for me at the makeup show in new york, i haven’t seen them in stores, but i think you can get them online ! I hope so, anyway, because otherwise, when i run out of mine, I will be back to naked kryptonite lids! 🙂 good luck!

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