Essie's Got You Covered

I’ve been a loyal Essie user since I first started getting mani/pedis. I can usually count on every salon I step foot in to have my tried-and-true shades (Wicked for date night, Pretty in Pink for job interviews/dinner with the family).

Most salons I venture into carry them – perhaps this is because they have a reputation for consistently providing trendy and classic colors, with great wearability and durability. I recently had the pleasure of trying out some new colors in the Winter ’08 Collection.

Essie Winter 2009 Collection

Rock Star Skinny – a very much buzzed about color due to its “controversial” name. Despite not being Rock Star Skinny, I lacked offense at the name because I was too busy loving the color. It is a maroon, with a bit of gold frost -a very pretty update to the brownish reds we’ve been wearing every fall.

Sexy Divide – for the bold, risk-taker in you. It is a true metallic violet, perfect for New Year’s Eve, yet subtle enough for every day. If Barbie’s signature Corvette got a paint job, this would be the color!

Damsel in a Dress – my personal fave, is a beautiful dark red, almost like a cooler-toned Wicked. Definitely my staple for the season, as I’ve been wearing it for the last few weeks.

All the colors are fantastically quick drying and for me, wear fairly long (about a week). I know I’ll be rotating these shades for all of my winter needs!

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