Summer Lovin' – Essie's Playa Del Platinum

Essie’s Resort Collection for summer is so beautiful!  The colors are so luxe and the polishes are smooth. I love them all – especially this sandy grey, Playa Del Platinum. Obsessed I tell you, absolutely obsessed with this color! I spotted all four polishes at Ulta this weekend, and I suspect they’re going to sell like hot cakes.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

5 thoughts on “Summer Lovin' – Essie's Playa Del Platinum”

  1. I am wearing Playa Del Platinum today! I purchase the mini’s set of the summer collection at Ulta over the weekend. I love all of the other colors (they will be pedi colors for me), but I am on the fence about PDP. Do I like that my nails look like the color of wet cement? Not really, but at the same time, the color is oddly intriguing to me.

  2. This is sooo pretty! I’ve been wanting a color like this for a long time so when I saw this collection I was super happy! I am kinda confused though, on Essie’s website it says the collection will be out in May! I was at my local Ulta the other day and didn’t see this collection, hmm I guess I’m making another trip to Ulta, like right now! Thanks for this lovely post! 🙂

  3. I ADORE this. So chic, polished and understated. I’ve been sporting my (now old) fave Pamplona Purple from O.P.I. which is fun, but I needed something more demure. Can’t wait to see if I can get it.

  4. I can’t wait to get the Lapis of Luxury color (the blue/periwinkle one). That color you have on is interesting too!

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