Ten or Less: Essence Studio Nails Fashion Stickers

I’m super cheap when it comes to drugstore hauls. At Sephora I have no problem spending $10 or less on something and would even deem it a steal and get more than one  but in a drugstore, it seems expensive to me. I know, my logic is not sound at all. This is what has kept me away from the Sally Hansen strips. When I found these Essence Studio Nails Nail Fashion Stickers at Ulta, I thought I had a huge discovery on my hands…

At first I thought “how can you say no to these stickers?” The price is just too good at $2.49 a package so I picked up a few of these. Granted, the designs are not as cute as Sally Hansen’s but there are a few designs that I wouldn’t mind wearing. I picked up a lace design and this zebra design you see here. The moment I opened the package I knew that there were in no shape or form comparable to Sally Hansen’s.

Like the product name suggests, these are indeed stickers. While they do hang on to your nails for dear life, the downside to this is when you file off the excess and then inevitability get your nails wet, the edges become a mess and start curling on you… when they don’t get snag on your clothing or whatever your fingers may come in contact with.

The width of these stickers is also an issue. The widest one is not wide enough for my thumb… and I do not have the broad, gorgeous nails that the other women in my family have. I know this brand is targeted to a younger demographic but my nails are not very wide, they are probably as wide as a teenager’s. If they were just a tiny bit wider, they would be fine.

If you really intend to wear these for the 5-day period their packaging suggests is possible, you will be out of luck but if you just want to play around and have some funky nails for the day, these will probably work for you. After all, they are under $3. If you’re looking for some longevity though, I suggest you look at a different brand’s strips.

4 thoughts on “Ten or Less: Essence Studio Nails Fashion Stickers”

  1. Carla this is so good to know. I wont be tempted to waste my money on them. i have begun to see them pop up in various forms in several different places cheaper than Salley Hansen. So I am going to stick with the Salley Hansem beause they work and last beautifully. THX!

  2. I saw these at Ulta the other day and thought about picking them up, I’m glad I didn’t. I have wide nails so there is no way they’d work for me. I have tried the Sally ones and love them.

    PS- I’m like you. At the drugstore I don’t want to spend $10 on anything but I’ll easily shell out double that for something at Sephora.

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