Ellis Faas 101: Lip Color

Ever since I discovered the Ellis Faas counter at Bergdorf Goodman earlier this year, I’ve been obsessed with the line. The concept is brilliant, the packaging is sleek and definitely unique and finally, the product itself is fantastic. I started out with a couple products and now I have at least a few pieces in each formulation Ellis Faas produces for lips, eyes and cheeks.

During the coming week, I’m going to cover the line’s products for lips, eyes and cheeks with swatches starting with lip color. I find myself reaching for Ellis Faas L207 more and more often, it is my go-to lip color right now and I receive compliments on it left and right when I wear it. Because I love it so much, I want to tell you all about as well as show you some swatches of the shades I have just in case you’re inspired to try a piece from the line… which you totally should be. 🙂

Ellis Faas has three formulas to choose from: Creamy, Milky and Glazed, all three are really well pigmented and long lasting. Each formula has 9 shades with the most well known shade in the Ellis Faas line, a gorgeous blood red named Ellis Red, that comes in each formula. The lip color retails for $35.

The Creamy formula is the classic creamy lipstick we all know and love.  It provides full coverage color and can also be used as a stain by blotting it on the lips, my favorite way to wear the formula. Unlike the other formulas, this one comes with a sponge tip applicator. I’m not really a fan of the sponge tip applicator but exceptions are made because I love the wear so much. Shades in this formula are numbered from L101 to L109.

The Milky formula is my favorite of the three. I like to call it a lipstick/gloss hybrid. The pigmentation is good with this formula so it still gives full coverage only it gives lips a nice shine as well. I find the brush tip applicator with this formula really helps to stain the color on the lips as well, it makes it really long lasting. Shades in this formula are numbered from L201 to L209.

Finally, the Glazed formula is the lip gloss of the line. Just like the other formulas, the glosses are well pigmented. From what I have seen of the shades, with the exception of L309 (clear), the line does not really have a sheer Glazed option. The consistency is a little different than a MAC gloss for instance. It doesn’t give that super high gloss shine but they all seem to be full color… which I like, go full color or go home! 😉 Shades in this formula are numbered from L301 to L309.

Since I took this picture, I’ve added more shades to my stash but for now, here are some swatches of shades I first fell in love with from left to right, top row to bottom row:

  • L201 – blood red
  • L205 – peach pink
  • L207 – neutral pink-brown
  • L108 – light pink nude
  • L301 – blood red
  • L307 – peach-coral

So how does it wear? As I mentioned, these are really long lasting. Even though you see a little of the color bleeding on my hand, I have not experienced that at all on my lips. The Creamy and Milky formulas are not drying at all and I find it barely needs to be touched up. The Glazed formula feels great on the lips, it is not sticky and lips feel moisturized and pillow-ey. All of these are very well pigmented so you only need a little bit of product and they are completely build-able. For instance, Ellis Red L201 is a great example of that. I start off with very little lip color and I have a very light red lip but I can build on that and have a totally vampy red pout.

Had I gotten my act together and posted this sooner, you would have been in time for the Bergdorf Goodman gift card event, where you can get $25 off for each $100 spent, but I was too late, it just ended this weekend. The line is also sold on the Ellis Faas website and on Space NK but I highly recommend contacting Claudia at Bergdorfs. You can reach her at (212) 872-8713 and tell her I sent you! 🙂 She has been fantastic in providing swatches and even samples of products if needed.

Have you tried Ellis Faas? What have you tried? What are you interested in? Let’s dish.

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  1. I’ve heard of this line on YouTube and I’d love to try it-especially the eyeshadows! Looking forward to seeing your review on those!

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