Eye of Intrigue

It took me a long time to cross over into the potted gel eyeliner world but now that I have I must admit I really like them. My newest acquisition is Elizabeth Arden’s Color Intrique Gel Eyeliner.

Elizabeth Arden's Color Intrique Gel Eyeliner There are quite a few reasons why Elizabeth Arden’s Color Intrique Gel Eyeliner appeals to me. First, I like the smoky line it offers though you can get pretty fine with the brush and it has great lasting power. My second reason… this product comes with a brush, most eyeliners don’t come with a brush and if they do they are usually quite shotty. I have to say that I think Liz really put some thought into this brush, it is nicely constructed, compact and cute. Second, the little pot this liner comes in which is not bulky at all. I hate all the deceptive cosmetic packaging you see today, you think you are getting a giant pot but the glass the jar is made of is really like 20 inches thick so you are only getting about an atoms worth of product but paying the price of a 16 ounce tub. This little pot is sweet, exceptionally portable, takes no space in the make-up bag and is not deceptive at all.

I commend Liz on a great product all the way around. My only wish would be that the brush had a cap to keep the brush from getting things dirty. So Liz, if you’re listening…

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