Feel Free to Intervene

I’m blogging with a little hesitation today. Not because of the product but because this is the first time I’ve ever posted a picture of myself here. I’m scared! My beauty blogging friends all did it so I figure I should as well, plus I’m wearing the Bobbi Brown palette I just talked about last week but I still feel self-conscious about it so be gentle with me. Here goes…

Elizabeth Arden's Intervene Makeup with SPF 15 Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Makeup with SPF 15 is a liquid foundation with skincare benefits built right in. It contains antioxidant vitamins C and E to protect skin and claims to “visibly delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it gives skin a firmer look”. Concealing fine lines and wrinkles isn’t really high up on my list of concerns right now but I gave it a try anyhow.

What I found when I used this is that it gave my skin some good coverage without being too heavy. I was also able to build on the coverage in the areas that I needed the most… and I’m not telling where they are. Intervene also gave me lasting coverage. At the end of the day, my skin still looked even and covered. I did feel that it accentuated my dry areas a bit though and my skin felt a little dry initially but that improved as the day wore on. Here’s a before and after (click image to enlarge):

I tried this in Soft Shell, the fairest shade of the bunch, but even then, this was a tiny bit dark on me. I still really liked this foundation though. I’m looking forward to wearing this foundation in the summer, maybe then my skin tone will be a bit warmer. And in case you’re wondering as to what I have on in my picture, I have Calvin Klein CK Beauty Velvet Blush in Skin, Clinique Lash Power mascara and the Bobbi Brown Nude Eye and Lip Palette (sort of a mixture of shades).

4 thoughts on “Feel Free to Intervene”

  1. Well all I can say is that if you have no makeup on in your before picture, you have nothing to worry about! You have such clear skin! 🙂

  2. You are a doll – NO need to be worried.

    It really makes your face look great. It toned down alot of the redness. I also love that simple pink lipstick.


  3. thanks for this! I love to see it in action instead of just a bottle. The foundation looks like it works great, but I’m worried about the dry spots. I have quite a bit of dryness.

  4. Wow – Carla you look great 🙂 Nice to pair up your voice from the podcast with your face. Have a nice weekend and thanks for a great blog.

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