Dylan’s Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver

The Dylan’s Candy Bar bath and body line is reasonably new to Sephora and is part of the Dylan’s Candy Bar store in New York. With the packaging being so colorful, cute and kitschy, I couldn’t resist picking it up while I was in Sephora last week. That and my aforementioned lip balm addiction made me do this.

dylans-candy-bar-stackable-candy-lip-saver The Dylan’s Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver has 4 stackable lip balms in Coconut Bon Bon, Birthday Cake Batter Lip Saver, Strawberry Licorice and my personal favorite; Chocolate Cupcake. Don’t be fooled by the colors on the packaging, that’s just eye candy… no grape or cherry lip balms here. The lip balms smell so good you’ll swear someone put some cake batter or a chocolate cupcake right under your nose.

For a lip balm addict, it’s all about the consistency and I’m loving the consistency in these lip balms. You can pat out enough for a thin layer of moisture or really warm it up and apply a thich layer of product on the lips. It’s not sticky or tacky, it’s just a nice emollient lip balm.

The best thing about Dylan’s Candy Bar Stackable Candy Lip Saver set is that you have 4 lip balms to do with as you will… you can leave one in the car, leave one by the nightstand, leave one in your desk at work and leave one in your purse. That just about covers all the areas I’ll need to stash some of this in. 🙂