A Tale of Two Glosses: Duwop Elixr Stix

Sometimes you need a gloss that’s sheer and slick on your lips, something to just top off the color you already have on your lips…not add more color on top of it.

Duwop Elixrstix Duwop’s Elixr Stix are perfect for this purpose. They are not sticky at all and the product just glides over your lips, it’s so slick. The color is super sheer as well. I was wearing this over my lip twins yesterday and I got a few compliments on my lip color. Next, I’m going to start pairing it up with my beloved lip stains. What is also interesting about this product is that each shade has a specific purpose. Like Tarte’s recent Inside Out glosses, these glosses feature tonics from Elixr Tonic & Teas. The Clarity shade features the Mind Over Muddle tonic, Energy features the Power Plant tonic, Harmony features the Virtual Buddha tonic and finally, Serenity features the Liquid Yoga tonic. I picked up Clarity, which is fitting for me. Anything that helps me enhances focus, concentration, and mental clarity with Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, and green tea leaf is good in my book.

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