Give Your Cheeks a Boost

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Duwop Blushbooster Duwop’s come out with a new product called Blushbooster. As the name suggests, it’s a product that can give your favorite blush a boost or use it on it’s own to give your cheeks a glow. When I first read about this, I wondered why I would even think about using a product like this along with another blush but when you try it, you understand. Blushbooster is aptly named, it’s a great highlighter you can use a matte or cream blush. It just kicks it up a notch.

This product also has ingredients to help your skin, baked right in to it. It contains Jojoba oil to prevent prevent moisture loss, cucumber extract to calm the skin and reduce puffiness, pomegranate extract and Vitamins A and E for their nourishing antioxidant properties. Blushbooster’s four shades give you a great glow all while helping to nourish your skin.