Take Care of Your Lips

When I was little, I use to steal my mother’s Lancome rose scented lip balm. I loved it so much, she kept replacing it and I kept taking it as the one I swiped ran out. It’s been discontinued for some time now but I think I found a suitable replacement.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick is an excellent lip balm and it’s the one I’ve been using non-stop lately. This lip balm features jojoba wax and shea butter to nourish your lips and is rose scented just like my old favorite. The texture is fantastic, it’s thick and a little waxy but it really coats lips well and soothes them instantly. Since it is on the thicker side, this lip balm really hangs on to lips so I haven’t had to reapply as often. Which is another thing about this lip balm, you’re as dependent on it because this improves the condition of your lips. I can certainly attest to that. And… it’s spreads nicely, which I was surprised with because the last lip balm I tried with shea butter was on the tougher side. This lip balm also leaves a nice soft shine on lips too so I’ve been using it quite a bit with a stain or lip pencil lately.

Thanks goes out to our reader Anna. She emailed me wanting us to feature some of Dr. Hauschka’s products so I reached out to the line and they were kind enough to send some products for me to test and review (which we will feature very soon). Had she not done that, I would have never tried this!

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  1. I’m so glad you reviewed this! I love the Dr.Hauschka Lip Balm and have been wondering about the Lip Stick. I’m a real fan of the line and use practically everything, but my favorites are the basics: Cleansing Cream, Toner, and Moisturizing Day Cream.

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