DIY Tan that Does it All: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body

Last week I got a fancy (read: expensive) spray tan. And while the woman was airbrushing my skin, she recited a laundry list of things I couldn’t do in order to preserve my tan. Don’t use anything with Vitamin C. Don’t shower in hot water. Lukewarm water might even be “too hot.” Don’t exfoliate. Don’t shower for eight hours. Don’t put on your shoes. Wear loose clothing the rest of the day. Sleep in loose clothing. While some of these are perfectly acceptable rules to follow, overall, I felt that I was sacrificing skin care for this tan. Because as the week went on, I felt like the tan was just sitting on top of my skin and I was stopping my normal routine because of it. Not to mention, seven hours after I got the tan, I went to sleep (in loose clothing) and woke up to a stained pillowcase and sheets. And no, it didn’t come out in the wash.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to sacrifice skin care for a tan. The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body is PROOF. In fact, it IS skin care. The face versions totally rocked our worlds last year, and now we are devotees of the body version. These DO everything.  Give a beautiful tan (the obvious part), exfoliate, firm and help smooth bumps (a.k.a. the unfortunate “chicken” skin). There’s no nervous nelly list of things not to do when you use these, and that’s what I love. Plus, for $45 you get eight pads. Sure beats that same price for one unfortunate spray.

Because we want you to understand just how revolutionary these are, here’s a closer look at how these ingredients work to make your body look beautiful (and tan!)

  • Glycolic Acid:  anti-aging warrior
  • Lactic Acid: speeds up skin cell renewal
  • Willow Bark Extract: a natural alternative to salicylic acid that clears pores
  • Soy Protein: kick-starts collagen production and ensures a natural tan
  • Encapsulated DHA: time released color
  • Caffeine: helps firm and slim (did you know most cellulite fighters have caffeine in it?)
  • Capslow: minimizes hair growth and texture
  • Vitamins A, C, E: potent antioxidants to prevent collagen breakdown
  • Vitamin B: reduce appearance of pores and heal wounds
  • Vitamin D: A little bit of sun in here — this makes the other vitamins work better!
  • Phospholipids: Draws moisture in from the air and seals it into the skin.

Wow, right?

These are now a part of my Sunday night pampering routine. I find that layering some body lotion on after helps prevent any streaking or uneven application. There’s just the slightest self-tanning smell that develops a few hours later and there will be no transfer to clothing. Not a bit.

They’re available now at all places Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is sold. And we’re stockpiling.

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  1. Those sound like they’re worth a try. I’ve been seeing rather slow results with the Hemp Moisturizing Bronzer, but I like it (and it doesn’t have the “tan” smell, which I prefer). maybe when I’m closer to finishing up my bottle, I’ll check out this one.

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