Get Your Mad Scientist On

We’ve all heard the same skin advice over and over again – drink more water and drop your daily cup o’joe for green tea. Green tea has innumerable medical benefits, some of which promote cell regrowth and fight cancer.

Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Water Booster Dr. Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Water Booster disperses a super-concentrated dose of green tea and other antioxidants through a small dropper. The serum contains no calories, sugar or caffeine and comes in several flavors – Original, Blueberry, Green Apple and Pomegranate. Amazingly, one dropper is filled with the same amount of antioxidants that you would get after drinking 15 cups of tea.

The entire bottle contains 60 servings for $35, which is a steal considering how much you’d spend on daily cups of tea to obtain the same effects (my NYC math says $900). I can’t wait to get my “mad scientist” on and start injecting my water with yummy skin-beautifying antioxidants.

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