A Sticky Subject: Deodorant

Deodorant, while not the most talked about topic here on Product Girl, happens to be one that we take seriously. For me, I’m trying to go natural. There’s been a lot of trial and error on these (underarm) parts. The best I’ve found is Lavanilla’s Healthy Deodorant. But it doesn’t totally keep you dry…and I need to be dry. Or I need to get over the need. The perils of a natural-seeking girl.  For now, I’ve accepted the anti-perspirant. But I’m quite selective. One that is worth talking about is Dove Clear Tone Deodorant. It’s what you’d call an invisible solid, so not actually clear in that sense, but it is designed to reduce red and dark marks under the arm and even skin tone.

Warmer weather = more shaving (unless you’re TRIA-ing!) which can cause the delicate skin under there to lose 50 percent more moisture than it normally would. If you’re a woman, chances are you have (or at some time have) darker patches in the pits. Dove Clear Tone works to speed up the skin renewal process with the help of Calendula and Sunflower Seed Extracts.

Also, the obvious benefit is the perk of dryness. It also in a clinical protection for those that need a little extra protection (something I totally needed when I lived in Washington, DC!) Two Clear Tone scents available: Sheer Touch and Skin Renew. I’m partial to the former and its citrusy scent with touches of almond and coconut milk.

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