DIY Pumpkin Facial Recipe

Has pumpkin infiltrated your life as it has ours? We can’t get enough and will not let the season go by without slathering some of the real deal on our skin. I have to carve because I need the seeds to satisfy my sodium needs, so may as well put the gook to good use, right? Pumpkin contains vitamins A and C and enzymes to help encourage cell turnover.

Helping us master the DIY Pumpkin facial is Cecilia Wong, founder of namesake salon/skincare line and master of fresh holistic approach to skincare.


What do you think? We’re excited to try this! I think I may enlist the blender to help give this the creamy, pasty texture.

6 thoughts on “DIY Pumpkin Facial Recipe”

  1. Is it weird that my first thought is that I want to eat this? It looks fantastic! I’ve seen a similar pumpkin facial recipe using canned pumpkin puree in case you don’t have the fresh type. Thanks so much for this!

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