DIY Nail Polish Rack!

Confession time: How many of us store our nail polish in a shoebox? Guilty as charged. I’ve been trying to find a better nail polish storage solution so I wasn’t lugging out the 1995 Caboodle (don’t judge me) every time I wanted to have a little me time.

So, the Internet, in its vast knowledge, showed me how to make a nail polish rack with foam board. I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read a lot of tutorials –  you can check some out herehere and here.

So with great joy, I bring you: DIY NAIL POLISH RACK. Woo. Keep reading for step by step instructions.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 Black Foamboards, 20″ x 28″, $2.99 ea
  • 1 Rotary cutting mat (if using box cutter or rotary cutter), $14.95 (already owned)
  • 1 Rotary cutter, $8.00
  • 1 ruler/straight edge (I used a quilting ruler because it’s wide and super long), $15.00 (already owned)
  • 46 small nails
  • 1 bottle clear Tacky Glue, $7.99
  • Optional – fabric or fun paper to “tjouge” up the front
  • Optional – Diet Coke, because I like it.

Total cost of materials used (not including cutting supplies): $16.96 – which is pretty awesome. A 90-polish acrylic polish rack is around $45.00.


1. Bust out the ruler. On the first foam board, draw a line across it every five inches. This will be the back of your polish rack.

You should have five lines. Boom.

2. Take your second board and mark two 2.5″ lines vertically. These will be the sides of the polish rack.

3. Next, take the third foam board and make six lines 2″ apart (these will be the shelves). Then make six lines 1″ apart (these will be the front of the shelves so the polishes don’t fall out on accident).

4. Then, cut on your lines! And take a sip of Diet Coke.

When you’re done, you should have this:

Wowie. Two big pieces, six medium pieces, and six small pieces. This is where I added the fabric to the front – I used basting spray to stick the fabric to the foam board and cut out the one inch strips. Then I glued the fabric to the strips (the basting spray is just to make it stick, but not permanently).

5. It’s time to glue! Take the six medium pieces and glue them where you marked the lines on the first piece of foam board.

When gluing, I did a bead down the edge of the board, and once placed also did a bead on either side of the edge.

6. Take these nails:

And put five through the back along each row so it firmly attaches the back to the shelves. This helps with stability and impatience when you don’t want to wait for the glue to dry.

It will look like this:

What a fancy picture. Hello, shadow.

7. Attach the front of the shelves and the sides of the polish rack in the same manner – glue, then nails. I only did one nail on each side for the fronts of the shelves and the sides since they won’t be supporting any weight.

Aw yeah. Now we’re getting somewhere. Let it dry for a while – I took my dog on a walk – and come back to fill it up with your lovelies.

Ooh la la! The hubs attached it to the wall in our walk in closet with two nails at the top, and I promptly organized my polish collection and some other nail goodies to my heart’s content.

Top row – nail art pens, pedicure / cuticle stuff, Konad stamps
Second row: Sephora by OPI, Nicole, Nails, Inc, Butter London, Zoya, Color Club
Third row: Essie, Julep, China Glaze
Fourth row: Sally Hansen
Fifth row: Revlon, Sally, and some randoms (plus my little franken on the right)
Bottom row: Clear top coats, strengtheners, Seche vite, and my gob of tiny polishes.

Look at how happy they are!

I’m in love – it makes it so easy to see what I have (read: see what I need) and create new things in my mind. I love being organized about it, and I love having a designated space for it. What do you think? Would you ever make your own? I want to know when you do!

This post is originally from The Polished Fox. Check it out for tutorials, reviews and more!

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  1. After reading this, I immediately went to home depot with my husband and he’s in the process of making one for me now! Much cuter than the acrylic racks!

  2. this looks like great! I wish my stash was that small, lol. I am kinda embarrassed to have anyone see it, especially my husband! 😉 so I will stick to the plastic bin under my dressing table!

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