Dior Pure Poison

Alas, so many blue nail polishes, so little manicure time. As of late there have been OPI Russian Navy, OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue, Chanel Blue Satin and now the latest – Dior Vernis Long Wearing Nail Lacquer in Poison Blue.

Dior Vernis Long-Wearing Nail Lacquer This polish is inspired by the legendary Dior Midnight Poison Fragrance. I love the look of a dark blue nail – it’s all Goth and chic at the same time. This color is a bit darker than the others with no shimmer. (One coat = midnight blue, Two coats=almost black in certain lights). In comparison to Chanel’s Blue Satin, it’s more of a midnight blue-black shade whereas Blue Satin is a dark blue that contains shimmer. As far as how it holds up, I have read numerous reviews and the consensus is it that it holds up well. As much as I love Chanel and its covet-worthy colors, the polish is not the greatest quality and tends to chip after 2-3 days. Dior however, lasted a good 5 days, until my nail bed started to grow out.

I was very impressed with the quality of this nail polish, having never used Dior polish before and at $19/bottle, it’s the same price as Chanel. The beauty of the Dior polish is that its only available in Europe, but for a limited amount of time, you can scoop it up at sephora.com. As for which one to choose, OPI’s color(s) are hands down the best deal of the bunch and the Russian Navy fits the bill perfectly. It’s a good, solid, shimmery dark blue that has staying power and goes on with a brush your manicurist will love.