Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Better

Diorshow Blackout Mascara If you ladies are anything like me, you have spent half of your life savings on mascara. No kidding, I have tried everything from $6.99 mascaras from CVS to the $40.00 mascaras found in Sephora. A couple of weeks back, I was in Sephora checking out the new summer releases and came upon Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Mascara. To my disappointment, they were all sold out. Well, you know that tweaked my curiousity that much more! A mascara that’s so good that its flying off the shelves? I had to try it.

Last weekend while checking out MAC’s Moonbathe collection, I thought I’d stop over to see if the mascara had been restocked and lucky for me, they did. Just when I thought Dior couldn’t get better than the Diorshow.. short of putting on falsies, there is nothing else that has made my lashes look like this. I have the worst of all worlds….short, skimpy and straight lashes. I’m not really sure what the difference between the regular Diorshow and the Blackout really is, but having used both, the Blackout is definitely a darker black that elongates and curls my lashes. For a product which needs to be replaced every 3 months, the price is a bit steep, but just do what I did… 3 months divided by $23.00 = $7.60. I feel better already!