Dior Diorshow 360 Mascara: Gimmick or Real Deal?

The new Dior Diorshow 360 mascara peaked my curiosity simply because it’s a new Diorshow mascara. The original Diorshow mascara is a favorite of mine, and I’m sure a few of you as well, so why wouldn’t I want to try the new one? Then I learned that this mascara actually rotated, that’s when I opened my wallet and decided to try it… even though I have way too many mascaras right now. It’s almost obscene how many are floating around my apartment right now.

This new Dior mascara is the first mascara that I have tried that actually spins. The brush actually rotates 360 degrees (oh, that’s how they got the name! :)) in both directions to try and mimic the results of a professional makeup artist for perfect lashes. Part of it’s marketing is that it volumizes, lengthens and curls lashes… more on that in a bit.
This mascara aims to impress, look at it’s packaging. It was the first thing that stood out to me… not even Lancome’s Oscillation was this big. It is definitely plush. At first I thought the SA actually grabbed the wrong box but no, it was the mascara. Then there’s the design of the mascara itself, it’s big and sports this big faux silver ring on the cap where you control what direction the brush spins in. Then I recognized the helix shaped brush in this mascara, it is similar to the one in Dior’s Diorshow Extase mascara, a mascara I really liked.

Applying this mascara was a little tricky. The first obstacle to overcome was the amount of product on the wand. Unfortunately picked up entire way too much mascara, the wand was so saturated that I needed to grab something to wipe it down with because the top of the barrel of the mascara was already full. I would have loved to have seen this mascara have some kind of chamber that reduced the amount of product on the wand. Perhaps there is one built in but if there is, it didn’t work and that’s a serious flaw with this mascara.

I wanted the benefit of the rotation in this mascara so I did not use the wand without rotation. At first, the rotation seemed promising, that it would aid in curling my lashes from root to tip but it didn’t seem to do me any favors in the curling department. It definitely helped to add definition and separation but I found it didn’t do much for me in terms of curl, length and volume. The rotation also hindered application to my lower lashes as well, it was hard to apply this mascara without getting mascara on some of my lower lashes as well. That was a little annoying. The other issues I had was that the rotation and size of the wand made it tricky to get the little bitty lashes that need some extra love. Using the wand vertically is pointless with Diorshow 360, you just have to wait until the rotates enough to grab the lash and coat it.

The first time I wore this mascara, I was not impressed at all. The image you see directly above was taken less than 1 hour after application and already, I had fallout. My lashes were defined but I wasn’t able to build on the application by adding another coat. When I would try to go back and add another coat, my lashes turned into a disaster zone, just a clumpy mess.

I didn’t want to give up on Diorshow 360 though. I kept trying to use the mascara but I kept getting most of the same results so I just stuck to a one-coat application. What I found was that the fallout I experienced that first time was a fluke because it never happened again. The formula is not the problem here. It stuck with me throughout the day without fallout and giving me the dreaded raccoon eyed look. It really all comes down to the applicator and it’s functions.

In the end, I think Dior tried to do something others have already done with a bit of a twist but we have long forgotten about vibrating mascaras. I give them an A for effort because I did like the packaging and the luxe experience it gave me but the performance I expected just wasn’t there. You’re better off with a different Diorshow mascara.

Have you tried Diorshow 360? What was your experience like? Or will you passing this one up? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Dior Diorshow 360 Mascara: Gimmick or Real Deal?”

  1. Passing on this one. There’s just too many good drugstore mascaras these days, so I don’t bother with the high end ones so much anymore.

  2. I think for $36 this should make me look like I’m wearing long, false. LUSH lashes and I imagine this one is a lot of hype without a lot of promise.

    I did see a review if the 360 in March’s People Stylewatch and they rave that it’s a great new product. It’d be nice to know if they were paid for that opinion….

    My favorite mascara right now is Cover Girl Lash Blast (not waterproof, in Very Black) because it gives me length and volume and at $8.69 I can afford it.

    Thank you for your blog and all the work you do on it – it’s a lot of fun and good information.

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