Diesel Fuel For Life


Pay attention, product “boys” – this one’s for you!

All this talk about fragrance, we thought we’d give you some insight on a cologne that you should know about. Diesel Fuel For Life is an amazing fragrance. If I were a man, I would wear this. But instead, my husband gets to wear it. He loves it too.

Fuel For Life has notes of star anise, grapefruit, raspberry, lavender, heliotrope and dry woods. Men , don’t be put off by the fruit and lavender – I promise this is a manly smell. Plus, the raspberry is what gives it that unique twist. According to Diesel, it’s an energetic, modern potion that maintains a classic and sophisticated masculinity. My brother also loves this cologne, which is what prompted me to get it for my husband.

Now time for the product boys to pipe in. Would you try this, or have you already? And for the female readers, what are the men in your life wearing?

2 thoughts on “Diesel Fuel For Life”

  1. I wear this and love it! The raspberry note really is what makes it special. I always get compliments. It’s also not overtly strong if you only spray once or twice, so people don’t get knocked out by my fragrance half way down the street.

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