Soap Film isn’t Always Bad

Every now and then you come across a product that is just cool in concept and design. For example DHC Q10 Facial Film Soap.

DHC Q10 Facial Film SoapThis ultra transportable travel chic invention of a face wash comes in micro thin mono-dose sheets. These are absolutely genius; you just peel back the outer packaging and melt the sheet in the palm of your hand by adding a little water, even with the outer packaging these are thinner than a playing card and about half the size. I was amazed at what a great lather you get and they leave my skin squeaky clean.

There are 40 sheets to a box, you can throw a few in your purse, travel or gym bag, glove box or back pocket with no bulk. These little cleanser sheets are definitely a great product to be toting when public bathrooms are out of soap. I also prefer these to hand sanitizer which I often find drying and with having a smaller child I feel these are a gentler option.

Not only are these an excellent multi use product but they are cheap enough to be used freely.