Keeping it Matte

I have oily skin and after a few hours, I know it’s time to break out the blotting powder because I start getting shiny right along my t-zone. Instead of breaking out the blotting powders, how about doing something about it before applying your makeup?

DHC Matte Cream That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately with DHC’s Matte Cream. The first time I tried this cream, I applied to half of my face. As the day wore on, I noticed that this cream really did keep my skin matte-looking, while the other half started to shine. It was only towards the end of the work day that I started developing a shine on the other side of my face. That did it for me, I decided to start wearing this cream on my entire face. Also, I really liked how my skin feels while wearing this cream. It feels supple and smooth, it doesn’t dry my skin out as I expected it to.

Touching up once versus touching up every couple hours? It wasn’t a hard decision to make so I took my blotting powder and papers out of my makeup bag.