Try This: Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea + Supplements

Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea +

With me, good skin and nails comes and goes… I get back what I put into it, if I make an effort to drink plenty of water, actually stay within a skincare routine and eat a little better, I ride the wave of good skin, hair and nails. Right now I owe my skin’s good behavior and better manicures to all of that plus a few supplements I have recently introduced to my day to day: biotin and green tea.

Green tea has been said to help with quick weight loss as it helps boost your metabolism but it has also been linked to reducing risk against several types of cancer and heart disease. It is loaded with antioxidants and if there’s one thing we all know now is to get your antioxidants in, in any way that you can. I’m not much of a tea drinker, I can only stand it when I’m sick and need to soothe my throat so for me, a supplement like this is perfect.

The other supplement, and perhaps the most important is biotin. Not too long ago I foolishly decided to get acrylic nails and it was a disaster, my nails were paper thin and I would break them all the time. Thankfully they have recovered 100%, my nails are now strong and the ridges I would obsess over are long gone. I’m still surprised at how flexible they are while remaining in tact. My hair has always been thick, strong and healthy so I can’t comment on its effectiveness there but I have noticed my skin has also improved. I still have some of the hormonal issues I’ve touched on in the past (and I’ll finally share what those issues are in a post coming soon) but what has changed lately is the clarity in the rest of my skin. Much of the redness around my nose has dissapated and my overall tone is better. Anything that lets me get away with less foundation is a godsend!

How about you? Any supplements that you have introduced to your beauty routine? Tell us about it in the comments.

NOTE: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Try This: Delta Labs Hair, Skin & Nails and Green Tea + Supplements”

  1. I just found your blog and I love the content 🙂
    has anyone ever commented that the words are heard to read on that background?
    I had to copy and paste the words onto a blank email to be able to see them clearly…
    Hope that’s not offensive because I do not mean to be AT ALL!!!
    I will keep visiting anyway!!

  2. I had to let everyone know how much I really enjoy these products from DeltaLabs and wanted to share the benefits I have seen since taking them. =)
    I have a morning routine that I do every day, making sure I take my Hair Skin & Nails and my Green Tea supplements are one of them. When I skip a day, I just feel “off”. Like most girls/woman, the condition of my hair is a major factor of my everyday life. I have taken a bunch of different capsules in my day trying to get that “miracle” effect. I wasn’t thrilled with the end results. For the past 10 months I have been taking DeltaLabs HairSkin&Nails and have noticed that my hair has grown 5 inches and has a great shine to it. Not to mention, my skin couldn’t be clearer. I am very pleased with the results of taking this product.
    The Green Tea supplements by DeltaLabs have tremendously helped in maintaining my weight & giving me some added energy without that “jittery” feeling. I do some fitness modeling here and there so I need to always try and eat clean and stay focused on what I put into my body.
    I am looking forward to see what other products this company may come out with, until then – I will continue to take these two pills religiously!

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