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I have been a perfume connoisseur for many years. As a kid, I would befriend everyone I possibly could at the Nordstrom’s perfume counter. I had it all dialed in and I had a gazillion samples, I even had a special hat box that I kept them in. I wish I would have kept all the things that I received back then because it would have been really interesting to show now. Lately, I’ve been especially curious about Bond No. 9 fragrances and was a little envious of those with local access to those fragrances. That’s when the fabulous Miss Blogdorf Goodman told me about La Creme and I’m so happy that she did.

I was completely surprised that such a place was in my own “backyard”, I could get there in 15 minutes if I needed a good perfume fix in a hurry. I was even more surprised to find this shop located only a few blocks away from one of my favorite shopping areas, University Village. I had a few expectations before walking into La Creme, I expected to find some of the same perfumes that I would find at Sephora or even Nordstrom’s or Macy’s but that’s not at all what I found.

Lacremeindoor01 I chose the wrong day to go to La Creme but that still didn’t take away from my experience. The shop’s owner Autumn, was friendly and greeted me immediately when I walked in. She told me the shop was closed but she let me look around for a bit when she really didn’t have to. When I looked around, I realized that almost everything in that shop was unfamiliar to me and I didn’t even know where to start. I was intrigued by all the beautiful things in the shop, and there were a lot of them. La Creme is more than just perfume, it also features other gifts like soaps, candles and other body products.

Lacremeindoor02 Upon seeing all these all these different fragrances, my first thought was that I do not know anything about them and I was a bit intimidated. One of the things I recognized in the shop was the Monyette Paris perfume oil that I had seen in a magazine one time. Autumn was amazing though, she immediately put me at ease and tried to explain how fragrances are described in a way I could easily relate to. She even introduced me to a few different fragrances. She was extremely helpful and answered all my questions.

Lacremeindoor03La Creme is a perfume lover’s dream come true. It’s perfume, soap, candles and other girlie goodness wrapped up into a package with a big pink bow on top. I loved the time I spent there chatting with Autumn, we discovered that we’re both MAC addicts and love the same makeup artist. I can’t wait to go back and really experience all this lovely shop has to offer and learn more about all these amazing perfumes. So far I’ve discovered I’m completely in love with Serge Lutens’ Clair de Muse. Next time I visit, that bottle will be mine. In the meantime, every Seattle area resident should pay Autumn a visit, the store is open 11am to 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday.

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  1. I saw that you’re curious about Bond No. 9 products… were you able to find them yet? Well, let me just tell you that Bond No. 9 is my new FAVORITE line of fragrances. Not only are the bottles cool and chic, but the eaux de parfum are absolutely delicious, and each one that I’ve smelled is unlike any other scent that I’ve come across. I currently own The Scent of Peace and I love how light, fresh, and girly it is – the purple bottle is really pretty too (and it’s my favorite color!)
    This weekend, I sampled their upcoming West Side and placed the blotter that I spritzed with the scent in my pocket book… it’s still wafting up strong 4 days later (and so yummy too!) I heard that for the holiday season they offer certain fragrances in specialized Swarovski crystal-crusted bottles… I think I know what will be on my wish list 🙂 I’m not sure where they might be found in your area, but maybe their website can help ( Once you try them, let me know if you’re as in love with them as I am!

  2. Oh my goodness….thank you for posting this up! I checked out the website, and they have the BEST bath and body stuff (more up my alley). I couldn’t figure out where their other retail locations are though. Either way, I’m sure I’ll keep myself entertained just looking through their website. 🙂

  3. This is amazing! I came across your site today, and not only does this store sound like what I’ve been looking for, but it’s in my area! I just got a little shopping thrill!

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