Lash Blast

So in my unending quest for the better and best mascara(s), I came across Cover Girl’s latest, Lash Blast Mascara. Besides the great ads with Drew Barrymore splayed all over the place, what really drew me (no pun intended) was the big, bright, orange tube.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara The mascara comes with an extra-large, rubber bristled brush and is touted as “a patented volumizing formula” that promises to “max out” lashes for the “ultimate big lash look.”

Well it’s a good mascara, but not great. The brush, being so large, is not the easiest to maneuver and my lashes are not anymore “maxed out” than other volumizing mascaras I have used. The good part though, is that it goes on relatively clump free, removes easily with soap and water and has not smeared on me yet.

For a new, affordable mascara, I would recommend this, but don’t expect miracles.

2 thoughts on “Lash Blast”

  1. Awww too bad! I was so looking forward to buying this mascara, thinking it would solve all my chronic short lash problems 🙁 but thanks for letting us readers know.

  2. I live in the Midwest, and it got down to 18 degrees last night. I took my dog out for a walk with my new lash blast mascara on, and when I got back inside, it was falling off my lashes onto my cheeks in large clumps.Then my eyes got red and began to itch.I guess they didn’t test it for cold weather climates! Even after I wiped it off, the applicator was kind of clumpy when applying. Huge waste of my hard earned $

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