My Cosmoprof 2011 Experience in Las Vegas

Cosmoprof 2011 Las Vegas

It seems like it was just a few days ago that I was in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof but it has been 2 weeks already. Isn’t it crazy how time flies? Before we know it, it will be the holidays and I will probably still be playing catch up then. 😉

If you have been reading Product Girl long enough, you may remember that I went to Paris a few years ago and attended the Beyond Beauty show. Cosmoprof is a lot like that show only it seems like this show was much, much larger. Ultimately the show is geared towards distributors and manufacturers but this year Cosmoprof had a huge blogger turn out and I was happy to be one of them. I met with fantastic people, had 2 fantastic manicures and saw everything scheduled to come out for winter, holiday and spring. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, it was amazing!

The show is overwhelming for the average beauty lover, there is a LOT of ground to cover, so much that it feels like 3 days is not enough time to see it all. I definitely did not see everything I wanted to see but I did spot some good beauty finds along the way. One of my favorite things about the show was the Love + Toast booth. I’ve already told you about this brand but seeing everything they have to offer in person was a whole other story. And could their booth be any more charming? No, I think not.

Where to begin? My first day in Las Vegas and at Cosmoprof was a bit of a disaster. The combination of not sleeping the night before (or on the flight), the humid heat that day, getting lost in the Excalibur and missing an appointment led to sheer exhaustion so I missed out on dinner with Katie from The Painted Nail and the rest of the bloggers there. I did get to see her at the show briefly though. Instead of dinner,  I picked up some bath bombs at Lush in Mandalay Bay and relaxed in my hotel room’s jet tub, which I think is the best way to unwind at the end of the day when you travel. Before retiring for the night, I did get a chance to roam around the convention center and do some beauty investigative work.

A Christine from Temptalia, Deborah Lippmann and Shannon from A Girl's Gotta Spa Sandwich!

Day 2 of the show was the real highlight for me, the most eventful day. I started off my morning by walking over to the Mandalay Bay Hotel to meet with Deborah Lippmann along with the rest of the bloggers at the show. Deborah filled us in on the inspiration for her fall collection, gave us a glimpse into what is in store for us for the holidays and told us a few stories along the way, including how Lady Gaga’s Grammy manicure came about. We also got to meet her husband Jude, who is very much involved with the Lippmann Collection company. I could have stayed and listened to Deborah for hours, I’m a huge fan of hers… if you don’t know already. If you’re wondering when our peek into her makeup bag will be, hang tight. Deborah and I chatted about this and we’re working on it. We got the pictures, just not the text so look out for that soon. Thanks to Rachel from If the Shoe Fits for sharing this photo with us.

After that, it was on to Zoya’s booth for my appointment. This lovely lady seen here with me is THE Zoya Reyzis, whose vision has launched countless shades of nail polish and is now the muse and inspiration for the brand. Believe it or not, Zoya is actually a trained classical pianist. Her career took a turn when she came to the US and started working in a salon. This led to opening their salon Zoya and later forming The Art of Beauty, the company that manufactures the Zoya and Qtica brands. I got a chance to see some upcoming collections from Zoya, including the glitterfest that is part of their holiday collection. If you love glitters like I do, you’ll love this collection. I really enjoyed chatting with Zoya, she is such an inspiration. My parents came to the US in the late 70’s and built a comfortable life for themselves here so I love hearing about other immigrants succeeding in this country as well.

After spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon browsing around, I ended my Cosmoprof day at the CND booth to get Shellac’d and see the new fall shades. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but all I knew was I wanted to use one of those new fall shades. The result was a combination of layering the new Purple Purple with Zillionaire, which I think came out super well. This is a combination I will definitely try again in the future.

Later that evening, I went to dinner at Lawry’s Steak House with a group of bloggers and Jesse Lawrence, the founder of Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. Our ride to the restaurant was insane, I have never seen such a vehicle in all of my life, but it was a lot of fun. It was basically a party bus with air conditioning, which made me super happy because the Vegas heat was rough on me! Jesse was a fantastic host and also invited YouTube Guru Julie G to come along with us, she collaborated with the brand and has released a nail polish collection that includes a gorgeous coral shade named Julie G. You can see Julie talk about the collection here. Dinner was great, Lawry’s really focuses on giving you a unique dinning experience but more importantly, getting a chance to get to know the bloggers at the table was great. I sat next to Christine from Temptalia and Melissa from The Daily Nail, who is fantastic by the way. I’ll be talking about some Jesse’s Girl products very soon so stay tuned for that.

My last day at Cosmoprof started by visiting the Orly booth to preview Gel FX, which I told you a bit about already. I got their a little early and sat through a salon owner’s preview of the treatment, which was great because I got to hear her questions about Gel FX, which were different than my own since I’m not a nail professional like this gal was. It is her hands you see here. Since I just had my Shellac mani the day before and didn’t want to the whole experience to go to waste, we removed Shellac from one of my hands and started over with Gel FX in Cabana Boy. I just removed Gel FX from my nails this past weekend so I’m going to fill you in on the service in a separate post soon.

After the service, we went over Orly’s releases for fall and holiday in addition to Spa Rituals. I didn’t know this before but Orly and Spa Ritual are sister brands, think of Spa Ritual as Orly’s more eco-friendly little sister. I’m really glad I spent time with the folks at Orly and Spa Ritual because both brands are not as accessible as I would like them to be here in Seattle but now that I know what is coming up, you can bet I will be hunting these releases down. You should too because their holiday sets will make great gifts, more on that soon… I know I’m saying that a lot here.

After the show ended, Michelle from All Lacquered Up and Melissa from The Daily Nail chatted for awhile at the bar in the Luxor then grabbed a bite to eat at Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar before I headed to the airport. If you are ever in Las Vegas, I highly recommend this place. I am a fool for any kind of aoili and Firefly had an amazing one, I think it was a red pepper aoili but I cannot be sure right now. If I ever go back to Vegas, I’m going back to Firefly… hopefully with Michelle and Melissa in tow. 😉

One of the things I loved most about Cosmoprof was all the creativity on display. The hair related booths put on a great display for the crowd, you can see here what the JKS and White Sands booths had on display. At the time I couldn’t help but wonder how much hairspray was in their hair. The creativity varied from booth to booth. One company had a woman on stilts greeting guests, others were offering free hair styling or feathers/bling. I wish I would have taken more pictures of all of this to show you.

One of my favorite discoveries at the show was the Aromachology line. It is a line from Canada that includes bath and body products, candles and fragrance. The core of the line has five personality based scents; Sophisticated and Sensual, Totally Edible, Exotic and Spicy, Clean and Fresh and finally Bold and Brisk. I smelled each scent and really liked them all but the one I was most drawn to (and what their online test suggested) was Sophisticated and Sensual with notes of White Lily, Magnolia, Tuberose, Amber and Sandalwood. You can also have a custom blended scent created if you would like.

The custom blending bar drew me in but it was their Hand Poured Soap Bites that stole my heart. These tiny morsels of soap are the size of  sugar cube and come in each one of Aromachology’s five scents for $18.00 for 100mg. I couldn’t help but think what a great gift this would make and how it would cute it would look to have these in a soap dish on my bathroom sink. Honestly, I think bite size morsels of soap are just genius.  I have never seen anything like this, have you? The line is mainly available in Canada but it does have a US presence at Henri Bendels as well as online.

I have never seen a full LA Girl display and I was excited to see it. The stores in my area only have a few items from the brand at a time. It was great to see that LA Girl has a lot to offer, not only nails but makeup as well. I should have spent more time focusing on the makeup since there wasn’t as much of it at the show but all I needed to see was glitters and scented nail polish to forget that they even had makeup. It was really their Fruity Scented Nail Polish collection that I wanted to play with. This collection had scents I didn’t expect them to have like peach, mango and watermelon. Hopefully I’ll get some of these soon so I can tell you more about them.

You know I’m a sucker for packaging and this line named Snowberry caught my attention. It also caught the attention of several others as the brand won this year’s Discover Beauty Award. Snowberry hails from New Zealand and it is a natural anti-aging line packed with peptides, antioxidants, super fruits, herbal oils and plant extracts. The voters in this award include retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, C.O. Bigelow, Henri Bendel and HSN as well as Bellasugar, Daily Makeover and Snowberry has launched in Europe and Asia and is now coming to the US. Keep your eye out for it!

There was a lot of salon equipment at the show as well, especially salon spa chairs ranging from basic, kitschy to extravagant. This particular contraption seemed interesting and at one point they had a model inside of it but I wasn’t able to capture that. It wouldn’t surprise me if personal saunas (that’s what I’m calling it, I don’t know what it is really called) like this started popping up in salons. Would you use one of these? I’m sure it wouldn’t be comfortable for a plus sized gal like myself but the idea still appeals to me.

I regret not spending more time on the Cosmoprof show floor, there are booths that I heard about from the other gals that I would have loved to have seen. One in particular was the makers of a product called Babyfoot, a product that does a deep exfoliation removing accumulated dry, dead skin. Based on what I’ve heard from Michelle and have Googled, I find that product oddly fascinating. I also missed the Layla booth, they make a line of magnetic polishes. If there’s a next time, I’m going to go through the show’s floor inch by inch.

I still have shots of the fall, holiday and spring collections from Essie, OPI, China Glaze, Color Club, Orly, Spa Ritual and Jessica that I want to show you so that will be in separate post since it is pretty image heavy. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks so much for this detailed post, Carla. I missed this year but your post made me feel like I was there! I really need to check out the Love and Toast line and the Aromachology soap bites are adorable. Can’t wait to see the fall releases of all the nail polishes too!

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