Considering Laser Eye Treatment?

Much like my wish for curly hair, I wanted to wear glasses when I was younger. I would wear cheap glasses from the drugstore just for fun. As I got older and picked up my first pair of reading glasses for working on the computer, I was excited. Finally! I have a legitimate reason to wear glasses! That excitement wore off real quick when day in and day out of wearing the glasses became uncomfortable.

Now that I’m even older and noticing my eyesight deteriorating a bit, I’ve started looking into other options like laser eye treatment and weighing the pros and cons of my options. I’m a little tired of squinting my eyes all the time but don’t want to wear glasses all day or have to put something in my eye. Just the thought of contacts make me squirm!

In looking into laser eye treatments, LASIK is one of the most popular types of treatment and the option I’m considering. The great thing about this is improvement is immediate with the ability to drive or return to work within 48 hours. The results can be precise and one of the surveys I read says patients saw an improvement of 90% and up after the procedure. I like those odds!

Have you had a laser eye treatment? Which type did you go with and what were your results? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Considering Laser Eye Treatment?”

  1. Hello there

    I did get Lasik surgery on my eyes, and although it’s great not to depend on glasses and contact lensens, I must say the results are not permanent.

    First of all, I had to get the surgery twice, since the first one didn’t correct all of the -6,50 I had.

    Second, after a few years – 5 or 6 – my short-sighness started to come back and now I got -1,75 on both eyes, so I need to wear contacts again.

    I still think you should go ahead and do it, maybe you’ll get better results than me!

  2. Been there, done that. Best thing I did. After the one minute laser treatment I could see (distance) and read (close). I choose MONOVISION, that’s when they laser one eye to reads and the other eye to see in the distance. It only took a couple days to get used to it and now I just have eyes like a 15 year old … perfect.. no glasses ever, no contacts, solutions, cases, drops, eye doctor visits etc. I’m so happy I did it. Cost $5,000
    ps I’m 61 years young.

  3. I had the LASIK done five or six years ago and it was one of the best surgeries you can get! I went from being blind to being able to see 20/20 in less than 10 minutes. I used to travel a lot and I would always have moments of in-flight freakout like “did I pack my contacts? Did I bring my glasses? What if my contacts rip?” Now there is no more worries! The only drawback was that I was not allowed to wear eye makeup for a week before and a month after the surgery! I think my doctor was being very conservative because other people told me they didn’t have any restrictions.oh, and one more thing – i am in California where earthquakes a real possibilities so I did ask what if an earthquake happened during the procedure? And they told me the laser machine is really sensitive and even one small tap/bump while it is on will turn it off, so no worries during earthquakes!

  4. Wow, I could have written the above comment. I also had Lasik, I believe it was Wave Front surgery, and I also had monovision. I was able to drive myself to the Dr’s for a follow-up exam the next morning. It was about 2 minutes total for the procedure. I have worn glasses since I was five years old and am now 62. I had the surgery when I was sixty. I love it.
    The cost was $5,000, but Dr. Hyman had an agreement with people covered by United Health Care and I got a
    discount of about $800.
    I had looked and thought about the surgery for years. When I found a Dr. that I had full confidence in, I went for it. One other thing Dr. Hyman offers is free follow-up adjustments if there are vision changes due to aging eyes. He said those treatments are about 4 seconds. This is good for life.
    If any of your readers is in the San Francisco/Santa Clara area of California, Dr. Hyman is a wonderful choice.
    The most difficult thing was not feeling I had to search for or reach for my glasses. Probably took about 8 months to finally quite feeling like something was missing.

  5. I had it done about 7 yrs ago. It was the best thing I have done. I did it just to see far and right away I could see an improvement. Good luck to you.

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