Confessions of a Philosophy Girl: Makeup

I haven’t tried much in the way of cosmetics from Philosophy. For foundation, I’m 100% devoted to Bare Escentuals but I have ventured into a few little things that I will tell you a little bit about.

Presentpowder This product seemed interesting, it’s The Present Clear Powder and it mentions that it uses a “special technology that lifts the oil off your skin, holding it away from your pores”. It’s an interesting premise but I think this would be better for someone whose skin is more prone to greasiness. This product didn’t seem to do much for me at all. I am considering trying the “skin perfecter” as a base under my Bare Escentuals foundation but I’m not sure I really need that either. Hope in a Jar preps my skin well enough.

Supernaturallipgloss This is The Supernatural Lip Gloss. I have this lip gloss in mauve and peach. The mauve is the classic “your lips but better” color, it does not have any blue undertones either so it makes a great color for anyone. Peach is basically clear on me though. I like the sheen and consistency of these glosses, and the minty flavor. But if you keep them around too long in your makeup bag, they will start to smell a little off. A nice, basic gloss if you use it in a timely manner. I just have a lot of glosses and sometimes they sit until I get bored and rotate back. 🙂

Cinnamonbuns I wasn’t crazy about Cinnamon Buns Lip Shine at first but it has taken up permanent residence in my makeup bag. It’s a simple lip shine with no color so I like to wear it over other, more colorful glosses. It’s shiny with a high gloss, it smells like cinnamon buns (helloooo, tastes good too) and has a nice texture. I don’t think I’d spend $10 on another tube though.

Supernaturalmascara The Supernatural Mascara was is the first Philosophy product that I’ve ever really been disappointed with. First of all, why spend $22 on a mascara that does nothing in the way of thickening? Doesn’t that seem silly? I admit that my lashes are very light and fine but for $22, I’d expect some major lash fattening. This is supposed to “wrap” your lashes for a natural, lengthening effect. It’s not supposed to clump but it does on me. It does seem to curl my lashes a bit but they look so thin and sad that it’s not even worth it. Overall, just not worth the price tag in my own opinion. I got it in a kit, so I’m not bitter or anything. I’m a big fan of Voluminous by L’Oreal and probably will be until someone comes out with a mascara that magically gives me lashes.

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