Confessions of a Philosophy Girl: Fragrance

An introduction – my name is Colleen, I’m Carla’s friend and co-worker. I have a few blogs of my own including The Pretty Pear, a weblog about plus size style and fashion, and my personal blog Woops! I’m a litle obsessed with beauty products. And by “a litte” I mean that I might need a bigger apartment to hold all of my stuff.

I can be pretty fickle when it comes to beauty products. Sometimes I’ll find something I like and stick with it for years. Usually I’ll try something, kind of like it, but then move on to something else that catches my eye. Rarely do I stick with one line but Philosophy has me hooked… bad. I’ve tried many, many Philosophy products. Some I love, some I can live without. I’ll be telling you more about them in my posts.

Amazinggrace This is Amazing Grace. I know, you’re sick of hearing about Grace. Grace this, grace that. I don’t own the perfume (yet) but I’m wearing the body lotion right now and it’s just… sigh. It’s not a scent I thought I’d be nuts about but it’s just so soft, clean, feminine, subtle, all those things I want to smell like. It doesn’t smell soapy or like flowers, just clean. Like a lady! It smells like a lady. I have the body wash, too. It’s nice but not out of this world like the lotion. I can’t wait to layer!

FallinginloveNow meet Falling in Love. I like Falling in Love but I don’t love Falling in Love. I spritz it on when I don’t feel like smelling strongly of anything in particular, it’s a safe and neutral scent. I’ve never had a guy drop to their knees over it, so don’t believe that bit of hype. This perfume’s other products are good as well. The 3-in-1 is very nice and calming though. I might repurchase both just because they’re good staples for me.

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