Coach Poppy Project

Have you noticed the little poppy trail on the right side of the page? I’m participating in Coach’s Poppy Project right now. Coach is planting little poppies all over the web and creating a great network of websites in the process. They will be hiding surprises along the trail and if you spot a Coach Poppy bag, click on it to claim your prize.

Do me a favor and help Product Girl’s poppy trail grow. All you need to do is tweet the following:

Grow, Poppy! Grow! #CoachPoppy #productgirl

The more you visit, tweet and share Product Girl’s patter, the more unique it will grow. Also, the top site in the Poppy project will win a special gift – a $2,500 Coach shopping spree. If I win, I promise to share the love with you. We’ll pick out some Coach bags together and do some giveaways… sound like a plan?

One thought on “Coach Poppy Project”

  1. I tweeted about this contest about 5 times throughout the night at my twitter page (
    I also shared about this contest on my facebook page at

    I’ll keep tweeting and sharing until you win this contest!!!!!

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