Beauty VIP of the Week: CND Solar Oil

One of my beauty “projects” is improving the condition of my cuticles. All the paper I deal with day in and day out really gives them a beating but I’m trying to give them some attention each day and so far it’s working super well. I picked up a few bottles of CND’s Solar Oil and I keep them at my desks at work and at home.

All it takes is a minute to apply, I apply it to my cuticles and underneath my nails. I let it soak in (while I’m typing or whatever I’m doing that remove the oil or get it on fabric) and that’s it. Together with CND’s Cuticle Eraser, my nails are looking better than ever. There’s really nothing to these products, you apply daily, rub them and let the products soak in and that’s that. I have to blame Erika at Makeup Bag for this obsession, she really has the most enviable nails ever.

When I took of my polish from last week, my nails still looked glossy and shiny thanks to Revlon’s Crazy Shine I left them bare. The other day I got a nice compliment while I was getting a pedicure and declined a manicure… “they looks so pink and healthy!” Yep, because I’m putting in the time. 😉

What’s your beauty VIP of the week? What product has saved your life lately?

2 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: CND Solar Oil”

  1. My VIP of the week is anything that can help me get rid of the breakout I had just in time for my uncle’s wedding tomorrow. Tazorac gel (thank God I have samples) brought down the size and redness overnight. A lifesaver!

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