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As I mentioned, last week I had the pleasure of receiving the new CND Shellac Nail treatment at the Clarisonic Sonic Chatter blog launch party. A little over a week later, Tutti Frutti (the color you see below) and I are still going strong.

I have to say, I have really put this manicure through the ringer. With all the packing, moving and cleaning I have done lately after moving, Β I expected at least some Β wear (and maybe a chip or two) on my nails but Shellac is holding up its end of the bargain beautifully.

At first glance, Shellac looks like any other nail polish but the key to this product is the UV light that the polish cures under in between each coat of the base, color and top coat. Once the timer has gone off for the UV light after your top coat has been applied, you no longer have to careful with your nails. You can dig through your pockets or even a bag full of nails! Ok, maybe not literally a bag of nails but you get the idea, right? I was completely in awe that I just had my nails done and could search for my car keys in my bag without a single smudge or nic on my nail color. That alone made me want to kneel and praise at the altar of CND.

Over a week later and the color on my tips is looking just as good and glossy as the day it was applied, this photo here was taken yesterday. Don’t they look good? You know how sometimes you can almost “color” with your nails? I do this a lot because the day job consists of handling lots and lots of paper, so inevitably the tips of my nails tend to do a little coloring. With Shellac, this accidental coloring is a thing of the past, the color is not affected at all. This stuff seems almost indestructible!

The only thing that would keep me away from Shellac is its price. It is definitely the kind of treatment I would splurge on just for fun or before a vacation to ensure flawless nails but my wallet could not handle it every 2 weeks. That’s just me though… My aunt on the other hand, loves the idea of nail polish that lasts so much that she’s on the brink of booking herself an appointment. For her, nail polish does not last more than a day on her nails so she doesn’t mind the price. If that’s the boat you’re in or price simply isn’t an issue, Shellac is definitely the way to go.

With said, I’m already planning a return trip to Spa Scotta to get CND Shellac in Wildfire on my nails once they are a little longer. For now I’m wondering just how long I can stretch out this manicure, I’ll be sure to let you all know on Twitter just how long that is. πŸ™‚

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  1. how do you remove Shellac? is it as damaging to your nails as the OPI Axxium? I hated that. It ruined my nails for months.

    1. Hi Heather! They do make remover wraps specifically for this but I was told you didn’t need it. I’ve read that removal is easy and doesn’t damage your nails. Since I won’t be removing it for another week, I don’t know myself but I hear it is almost like removing a glitter nail polish. You want to keep a cotton pad with acetone on the nail for a little to let it penetrate and heat up then it flakes off. I’ll update once I have some first hand knowledge.

  2. Hello, The Shellac is easy to remove, and it doesn’t damage the nails. You can use acetone and it will remove within the 10 mins. I usually pour a little in a small bowl, just enough to cover the nails and you can see it lifting off the nails. Have a great 4th!!

  3. I am a nail tech, and ALL my regular clients have switched over to SHELLEC, except one. She doesn’t like change… πŸ™‚

    You remove either using the wraps soaked in acetone, 10 minutes, OR acetone-soaked cotton rounds, covered in aluminum foil, 10 minutes. (Acetone-soaked cotton rounds, alone, will dry out too fast.)… Twist the wrap as you pull it off to loosen the product, then BUFF what doesn’t come off using an orangewood stick.

    If using SHELLAC over enhancements (gels or acrylics), the product is filed down as you file down the enhancement to do a rebalance.

    There shouldn’t be any damage to regular nails if the product is used correctly!

  4. Removal is very simple, I use cotton rounds and foil and it takes 5mins. NO DAMAGE!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!

  5. Carla & Heather – I’m a nail tech and have found it is really easy to take a cotton ball, tear it into a few smaller pieces and use a square of foil about a couple inches on all sides – soak the cotton in pure acetone and place it on the nail and wrap with foil. The product is said to soak off in 10 minutes, but I think it’s easy to remove even after 5! You could try to take it off yourself, but it will be the very best for your nails to return to the salon and have it removed by your nail tech. Definitely no damage at all to the nail if it’s removed properly – it’s a great product!! I’ve been using it since it came out, and I’m so hard on my nails – it’s been super and they’ve never been healthier!

  6. i just got shellac last week i put it on some of my stylest they do shampoos all day i socked it off one of them yesterday it still lookd grate but i just couldent wait i had to see how fast it came off .i soacked a cotten ball with asatone &rapped the finger nail with foil it only took about 7minets it came right off im loving it!

  7. Heather, I work in a salon where they use the opi axxium soak off gels and this blows it out of the water! There is absolutely mo nail damage done to the natural nail unless for example you peel and pick them off then you might see some. But I know exactly how damaging the other gel and acrylics can be. I’m totally in love with shellac and the people i’ve used it on never want to to opi again because they don’t want the nail damage. For now there’s only 12 shellac colors or 13 if you include French, but there’s supposed to be 12 more by the end of the year. I’d give up color options for no nail damage in a heart beat in my opinion. I give shellac a 12 on a scale of 1-10. πŸ™‚ I hope this helps!

  8. Hi, I would be interested to know that too.
    Having terrible trouble getting hold of stock at the moment, sweet squared are all sold out πŸ™

  9. Sounds a lot easier. Thanks, keep us posted! Also, is shellac available to purchase for home use, or do you need to get it done in the salon?

  10. Unfortunately it’s a professional only product so the only way to get it at home is if you have a beauty license. But it’s more fun to go to the salon anyway, right? πŸ™‚ I read a post and they listed a bunch of combinations to play with so we can feel like we have more colors until we finally do..

    First Color Coat + Second Color Coat

    Romantique + Negligee
    Rosebud + Negligee
    Wildfire + Hot Chilis
    Fedora + Red Baroness
    Wildfire + Red Baroness
    Wildfire + Negligee
    Tropix + Negligee
    Tropix + Hot Chilis
    Tropix + Strawberry Smoothie
    Tutti Frutti + Negligee
    Rosebud + Strawberry Smoothie
    Romantique + Strawberry Smoothie
    Fedora + Negligee
    Fedora + Iced Cappuccino
    Wildfire + Tutti Frutti
    Rosebud + Romantique
    Fedora + Wildfire
    Wildfire + Tropix
    Tropix + Romantique
    Tutti Frutti + Strawberry Smoothie


  11. Hope — I just did Red Baroness topped with Strawberry Smoothie on myself yesterday (photos on my facebook page — click on my name; it’s linked). I also did the Rosebud topped with Strawberry Smoothie on my mom yesterday (I didn’t get a pic, though). Both turned out great!

  12. Is anyone having trouble with “shrinkage” whilst painting the shellac? especially on enhancements? It seems that the wet shellac pulls away slightly from the edges.

  13. Does anyone know if you can have a Shellac French mani? I have the Nails Inc 3 week UV gels done every 2.5 weeks, but sometimes they only last 10 days, always on the look out for new ideas…

  14. Nicky — of course you can! The application is different, though, than a standard polished French.
    After proper manicure and nail prep (instructions for all of this is found on CND’s website), you apply your SHELLAC base coat and cure with your CND lamp for 10 seconds. Then, one thin coat of either NEGLIGEE (a fully sheer purple/blue) OR ROMANTIQUE (a translucent pink), and cure 2 minutes. Next, you apply a thin “free edge” of CREAM PUFF (there’s a video on CND’s facebook page), cleaning up excess as you go, then cure 2 minutes. Last is your SHELLAC top coat, curing that for 2 minutes as well.
    Wipe with IPA 99% (I found it at Safeway), apply cuticle oil, and you’re done.

    SHELLAC is not guaranteed to last two full weeks, but in most cases, it’s close. SHELLAC is also not an enhancement like gels or acrylic, but can be used with them (instructions on how to do this is also found on CND’s website).

    Good luck!

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