CND Shellac Nail Color – 3 Weeks Later

Remember when I told you I tried CND’s Shellac nail color? I’ve been Shellac-free for quite awhile now but wanted to follow up on my original post with a little more information and some tips for removing Shellac as well.

I took this picture 3 weeks after Shellac was applied. As you can see in the picture above, 3 weeks later and my color was not chipped at all. I’m sure I could go a few more weeks and still not have a single chip on my nail but honestly, at the end of three weeks I was just dying to wear a different shade on my nails and of course the re-growth was a little bit of a problem. Otherwise, doesn’t it look great?

My one hesitation about regular Shellac manicures was the price but I learned something new about this when I was chatting with a friend one day. CND created Shellac as a way to get consumers back in the salons for their manicures (so no at-home Shellac for us). They suggest pricing Shellac at 1.5 times the price of a regular manicure so depending on the salon’s prices, this could either be reasonable or a bit of a stretch. Unfortunately for me, it’s a bit of a stretch now but I’m hoping more salons near me will start featuring Shellac soon. I hope I didn’t deter you and made you think every salon charged the same!

Now onto removal. At the time I was given my manicure, removal was not discussed at all. Looking back, they really should have said something but I assumed I could just take some nail polish remover and some cotton rounds and call it a day. Well, you know what they say about assumptions… CND actually makes remover pads to remove Shellac but I was not into the idea of paying to remove the nail polish.

It took a little work to remove Shellac but it finally came off. At first I just took a soaked cotton round and rubbed it over my nail, pressing it against my nail and keeping it there a few seconds. That did not do a thing so then I figured I needed to try a method I read about on another blog (maybe Scrangie’s) to remove glitter nail polish.

I took some tin foil, a pair of scissor and cut the cotton rounds in half then cut some pieces of foil to wrap around each nail. I soaked each cotton round half in nail polish removed and wrapped the foil around. The result is what you see above. Not exactly pretty but it did the job. After hanging out for about 20 minutes, I removed the wrap and scraped the color off each nail. At that point it came right off with just an orange stick. Sure, this is not quick and easy but definitely more economical.

So how about you? Have you tried Shellac? I’d love to know what you think. I’m attending Crave Seattle’s Summer party next week and they will be giving Shellac manis there. I think this time I’m going for a red. 🙂

3 thoughts on “CND Shellac Nail Color – 3 Weeks Later”

  1. Thanks for the update! I’ve jumped on the Shellac bandwagon. Although it’s more costly for a mani, it definitely stays on for 2+ weeks!! My manicurist actually uses a small dish to soak my nails in acetone. They peel off in about 5 mins! My nails look so great & they’re definitely healthy!

  2. I ended up skipping the shellac treatment for my trip because I like to change my polish too much. Also, at $37 plus tip it would have been 3x what I pay for a mani here in the bay area.

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