CND Shellac 2.0 – 12 New Shades Coming Soon

If you love Shellac (like me!) but wish there was more shades to chose from, this news just came in… CND will unveil 12 new Shellac shades in March 2011, with colors ranging from beige to black. While some of us have already been layering shades to create new unique looks, CND is adding 12 more shades to give you more options and variety.

I’m loving the color on the nail on the image above. Have you tried Shellac yet? Manicure prices generally range from $25-45 and pedicures from $40-60 depending on location. For local salons around the world offering Shellac, visit the Shellac Salon Locator at

2 thoughts on “CND Shellac 2.0 – 12 New Shades Coming Soon”

  1. So excited to hear about the new colors, well so excited about Shellac all together. I used the OPI Axium (hope I am spelling it correctly) and I was pretty happy with it, but as I have heard from many that Shellac is better, I need to go out of my comfort zone and get over to a salon in my area that does it.

    1. Hi Teri! I think you’ll love it! I really did. I hope you can find a salon that’s reasonable though. I had it done at an event otherwise they wanted to charge $65 for it. Eeek! The price varies though.

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